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Victoria Lobov: The Sex Life of a SCORE Wife


“I love playing with my pierced clit, pulling the piercing and sticking a finger in my pussy,” Victoria Lobov told us about her favorite way to fly solo. “Once it’s all wet, I switch to the use of a dildo and go deep in and out until it makes me cum.”

Victoria is a married woman with a husband who enjoys everything she does on-camera. He’s a lucky guy like all of the husbands of SCORE Girls.

“I have sex a few times a week. My favorite positions in bed are doggie, missionary and cowgirl. But before that, I love French kissing and cuddling. I love it when my man is forceful but not rough. I’m passive. I want a guy to take the lead and make my head spin. The highlight is when he shoots his load deep inside me. The feeling of such a forceful ejaculation makes me scream and cum.”

Date: August 1, 2019