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Billi Bardot’s One-Woman Boob Cruise


Billi Bardot. Super-stacked MILF, former exotic dancer and now hot porn star and model. Her agent sent her pictures to SCORE.

“I danced on and off for many years. Being a stay-at-home wife and mom, I usually danced during the day while the kids were at school,” said Billi. “So the kids were at school and Mommy was getting naked in the strip club. Making a grand then going home and baking cookies and serving dinner and doing the homework and bedtime routine. If people are into that, maybe they’d call me a super MILF.”

Billi’s on a one-woman boob cruise in this video. She peels off her tight white dress, oils her big tits and masturbates on the deck.

On the subject of masturbation:

“I had to masturbate. If I didn’t, my sex life would’ve been non-existent prior to porn. I usually just lay in my bed naked and stroke my clitoris until I climax. At least once a day. Now, I have sex almost daily, thanks to porn. In my personal life, maybe a few times a week. I definitely prefer daily and multiple times a day when I’m in a relationship.”

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Date: September 22, 2019