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Bad Girls Get Rewarded


Once the formalities of meeting her sex-buddy are over, Nadia Vixen bends over him while he’s sitting on a couch. Her big boobs are encased in a tight, low-cut cardigan.

“You like these big titties?” Nadia asks. “You gonna look at ’em all day or are you gonna take ’em out and suck on ’em?” Now this is a girl who wants it and spends no time waiting for the man to get busy.

Nadia reaches down and squeezes his junk through his pants while he’s tuning in Tokyo. They take off her cardigan and bra so he can suck her nipples and turn her on while enjoying the flavor of teat.

Pants hit the ground so Nadia can grip his prick and stick it between her lips. She makes wet, slurpy, squishing sounds while giving him a lip-smackin’ good blow job. She holds her tits together so he can fuck them.

Back into her mouth the pipe goes for more cock sucking in a different position followed by a boob massage on his pole. Nadia stands up and positions herself over his cock so she can sit on it. She props herself up with her legs as she rides his bucking, fucking bronco boner while he fingers her swollen clit. These two are off to see the wizard of ahhs and oohs. This babe puts the Big O in the Big Show.

Date: September 25, 2019