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Meet The New Boss, Merilyn Sakova


So you want to work for the new boss. Well, meet the new boss. Not the same as the old boss. The new boss is Busty Merilyn and she’s a handful. She doesn’t believe in coffee breaks. But she does believe in taking cum breaks at her desk. No need to leave. Her office door is always open, no matter what she’s doing.

This is one of the many fantasy scenes Merilyn excelled in. Her moves were smooth and polished. It would be difficult to find someone who spent more of her life either on a webcam or being photographed by a professional photographer.

A natural on-camera in more ways than one, Merilyn is one of the permanent go-to legends of the big bust scene, her images famous in the USA, Europe and Ukraine. Used to being looked at wherever she goes, Merilyn is a larger-than-life girl.

Date: September 29, 2019