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Korina & Selena: Bombshells


These two bosom buddies and kissin’ cousins, one from Florida, the other from Canada, have a big-boob beer blitz in this second great meeting of the busty bombshells.

You know their names, but editorial protocol, like beautiful girls, must be followed. Selena Adams is wearing the striped top. Korina Kova is in the blue tube top. They’re dressed for the heat.

The bar was stocked with enough beer for a sports bar at Super Bowl time but super-fantasy girls Selena and Korina have bigger eyes for each other than for the suds. They undress behind the bar and get on top, totally naked except for their heels.

It’s playtime with ice cubes and pitchers of beer that they pour on their big tits while they feel and fondle their spectacular bodies.

Date: September 30, 2019