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Picked Up & Fucked


If you saw a big-boobed British brunette teetering around in high heels, looking lost, her large knockers encased in a low-cut pink top, a map in her hand, what would you do?

Getting a wee bit nervous about how to find the address she needs, Harmony Reigns spots a beacon of safety in Steve, a local. She scampers over to him and asks for help, showing him the map. Steve’s happy to help, of course, considering Harmony’s top shelf is sticking out so far she could serve tea on it. He keeps looking more at Harmony’s big tits than at the map.

It’s windy and colder than a witch’s tit and Harmony is running around Prague without a jacket. Steve hands her his coat and offers her a cup of tea at his place, conveniently located nearby. As you know, a cuppa tea is a proven aphrodisiac to an English girl. Back at his place, Harmony defrosts and the tea helps warm her up, but what heats her up even more is Steve playing with her great big bristols.

Strangers when they met, fate has dealt Steve a winning hand, and before long, Harmony’s sucking him off and massaging his cock with her pair of queens. Tit for tat, he licks her pussy before fucking her with his Prague prick in a sign of international cooperation.

Date: October 3, 2019