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Jugtastic Poolside Pounder


Voluptuously curved and leggy Veronika is sitting outside reading a home decorating magazine while Tom works in the garden. Veronika’s top conceals how big her big tits really are but that situation will be corrected soon. Tom comes over to look at a picture of how Veronika wants the garden redone.

Toothsome Veronika turns to look at his chest and promptly tongues it. Tom wastes no time pulling down Veronika’s boob-blocking blouse and gets hands-on, sucking her nipples to hardness.

Veronika pulls Tom’s shorts down and opens her mouth wide for his wood. This is a lusty, fuck-loving woman who appreciates a man that drives a hard bargain. He can go back to gardening and she can go back to her reading after they fuck their brains out on the chaise lounge and he empties his nuts all over her heavy tits.

Date: October 6, 2019