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Jenni Noble: Extreme Bikini Bustin’


“Normally my breasts always catch the eye so there’s little I do to emphasize them with clothing,” said Jenni Noble, a girl who gave JMac one of the hottest fucks of the year.

“I enjoy dressing down, revealing more of my legs or ass. When I am dressing for my girls, I always wear my best bra with plunging necklines to expose my beauties. I like to wear corsets and tops with open spots for cleavage.”

In her free time, Jenni goes to the movies, binge-watches TV shows, camps, hikes, fishes, goes to the beach and plays Dungeons & Dragons every weekend. We know only one other model, now retired, who fishes.

This poolside video is loaded with tit-play. Jenni leaves two lipstick kisses on her pliable boobs and finishes herself off by vibrating her furry pussy. There’s no way she’d wear that bikini to the beach. Or maybe she would.

Date: October 8, 2019