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Kelly Christiansen Rides The Stiff One


Fair-skinned blonde goddess Kelly Christiansen treats John to a seductive, exotic dance before they get down to the sex. Her heavy titties, with their large areolae, are edging over her tight, sheer green slip as she gyrates, grinds and teases him by the bed. Kelly’s dancing doesn’t go on for too long. She’s too eager for hard cock in her mouth.

Hovering over him and with tits dangling in his face so he can stick her pretty nipples in his mouth, Kelly sticks her hand down his pants to feel his junk, then pulls it out and lowers her head to suck. She loves to make that slurping, sucking sound.

There’s great tit-fucking action next. Kelly knows how to pleasure a man’s shaft to the max with her 36H-cup sweater-puppies.

Kelly wants the big meat thrusting hard into her velvety soft, tight cunt. She wants it to pound her slick pussy, the cock-hilt bumping into her clit head with every down-stroke. Her tits tremble, jiggle and shake as they fuck in a variety of horny positions. Sometimes Kelly has to restrain her tits with her arms because they move so vigorously. Busty bed-bouncing with Kelly is a thrill ride.

Date: October 8, 2019