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Sigal Acon: Bubbles & Big Bikini Boobs


The power of the shower can’t be underestimated when a busty and slim beauty gets breastfully clean. Scientists believe that watching girls take showers is a healthy practice for a guy to engage in…even if it does raise blood pressure.

Armed with both oil and body gel, Sigal Acon puts the show in shower. She begins her wet set wearing a slingshot thong, pink bikini and short sarong. Sigal is that very rare combination of naturally large-breasted and very slim.

Sigal’s a 10 and has a natural sexiness just being herself, as proven by her chat video with her photographer. Her English is excellent; her voice is sexy and sweet.

Sigal said that becoming a model and webcam girl was the best move she’s ever made. She enjoys it and loves being on-camera. Sigal was originally spotted on MyFreeCams. Her bucket list includes more traveling to countries she’s read about or seen on television. She loves Thailand.

Date: October 8, 2019