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Amber Alena Busts Out Big Time


Amber Alena said she was going to supersize her already-big tits, and when Amber makes a decision, she follows through. “My boobs are 1500cc, which translates, depending on the brand and the country, to about a 28I,” Amber said when she first appeared at SCORELAND.

This is the “new” Amber and her boobs are even more mind-blowing.

SCORELAND: Hi, Amber. When you debuted at SCORELAND, you told our photographer Jose that your boobs were at 1500cc. What are they now?

Amber Alena: My implants are currently 2400cc.

SCORELAND: How do they feel to the touch now?

Amber Alena: They feel amazing! Firm, yet soft.

SCORELAND: What size bra and brands have you been buying now?

Amber Alena: I have been wearing nothing but workout bras because they felt more comfortable during my recovery time. I don’t know my size accurately yet but, I’m guessing I am a bra size 30-32 M or N cup and will definitely get measured soon to confirm.

SCORELAND: Do you need bra fittings now or can you find off the rack?

Amber Alena: Bra fittings and specialty online bra shops are absolutely needed now! Finding a bra in the store is impossible now and I love it!

SCORELAND: What about shoulder belts in cars fitting comfortably?

Amber Alena: Shoulder belts in cars are uncomfortable for me now. I never experienced this until this third implant surgery.

SCORELAND: Are you also buying new tops? What types have you been getting?

Amber Alena: Yes, I still shop for small tops that I shouldn’t be wearing because it looks better and I love the snug feeling to it! I buy low-cut, tight tops and dresses and that will never change.

SCORELAND: You said in an interview, “People looking at my chest makes me happy, and for some reason, the attention makes me crave bigger tits one day.” What effect do you have on people now when you go out? Do more guys come up to you?

Amber Alena: Yes, that statement is still true for me. When people see me now, they are speechless and more men definitely come up to me to say hello.

SCORELAND: What have your webcam followers been saying?

Amber Alena: My webcam followers support my decision to have even bigger implants. They compliment them all the time and they are really happy for me.

Date: October 12, 2019