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Oral Examination


It’s a fine line when it comes to flirting. Nadia’s been told she has dick-sucking lips. She’s told that all the time. “Guys have no filter,” says Nadia. “I hear that in the grocery store, online, in person a lot. I thank them. I like honesty.”

And Nadia hears “Nice tits” all the time, even more than dick-sucking lips. “Especially if they have a teeny bit of alcohol in them.” But she’s used to it. It’s unavoidable sometimes. What Nadia doesn’t like is the kissy sound some guys make when they see her. (A real Miami and New York thing also.) So if you ever spot Nadia in person, don’t throw the kissy or other animal-type sound at her.

Nadia tells us more, talks about her best friend (her pussy). At that moment, the conversation turns to cock size. Nadia shows her dick-sucking lips at work. Just for a few seconds.

Date: October 12, 2019