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Slim, Stacked & Sexed-up


Nadia Villanova is so sexy, she inspires guys to tackle her tight end faster than an offensive lineman. That’s exactly what happens when JMac is introduced to Nadia. No time for small talk! Nadia is immediately picked up and lifted into the air while he buries his face between her big tits.

While Nadia’s boobs are kissed, licked and manhandled, her pussy-hole is being rubbed and deep fingered. Her pussy is too sexy to not tongue-bang. JMac eats her out, making that pussy nice and wet for the penetration to come.

Her head hanging over the bed, Nadia parts her lips to suck his already stiff cock. Nadia licks and swallows it with relish. It’s a beautiful sight. This slim and stacked brunette really loves giving hot blowjobs (she talks about throating in her bonus video) and making passionate pleasure sounds as the cock head hits the back of her throat. JMac continues to finger Nadia’s pink candy box and suck her nipples while she concentrates on her dick sucking.

Every girl has a different technique for cock worshiping. Nadia likes to lick the length of the shaft like it’s a dripping ice cream cone as JMac holds her by the neck. She periodically eye-bangs the camera. He’s sorry to pull his cock out of Nadia’s mouth but it’s time to bone her big boobs. Straddling Nadia’s chest, he lays the pipe through her cleavage canal. She presses her twins together nice and hard to make a tight squeeze, once again eye-banging the camera, sticking her tongue out and making nasty-girl gestures with it. Nadia bends her head forward to suck on the dick-tip and spit on it. Then Nadia gets into a doggie position to deep-suck and jerk it some more before her tits get fucked again.

Laying her on her back, JMac can hold it no longer. Nadia’s pussy needs filling. She needs to be fucked hard. Spreading her legs wide and pulling her closer to the edge of the bed, JMac shoves his cock deep into her dripping wet slit and rams into her. The room is filled with Nadia’s voice and the sound of thighs slapping against thighs in an epic fuck.

Date: October 12, 2019