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Nice & Nasty


“I like yummy cock,” said Nadia Night, a Floridian with sex burners set to high. She’s here to ride the baloney pony and she holds nothing back. Nadia savors being a sex kitten.

“That’s what men like and I like being one. I expect a guy to fuck me good and hard if I’m giving him my body. I’ve had a lot of sex but every time is always special to me. I dress hot because I like men to see what they’re going to be getting in bed before we go to bed. I give 100% when I fuck a guy.”

Nadia kicks off the big show with some playtime while she waits for her sex date to arrive. Once he shows up, he’s on Nadia like butter on pancakes. And she’ll be getting lots of man-butter after they thump their brains out.

“I like being naughty and dirty. I like having a guy be really into my body, go wild on me, fuck my tits, fuck my mouth, suck my nipples. Just give it to me hard and don’t worry about anything. Fuck me like you mean it. The harder I get fucked, the harder I cum and that’s good for both of us.”

Date: October 13, 2019