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Anna Blaze: Fuck School


Anna Blaze is studying for a test. Robby Echo drops by to distract Anna by playing with her big boobs while they make out. The sign on top of Anna’s books, Fuck School, could mean fuck school or they’re attending an institute of higher learning called Fuck School, where they can graduate magna cum loud in fucking.

Anna’s classmate is obsessed by her natural and soft breasts. Not bothering to take her bra off, he lifts them out of her bra cups and bounces them with his hands, squeezing and rubbing them. The bra comes off and Robby continues his hands-on study of her tits. He tugs them by the nipples and jiggles, bounces and massages them, spending almost a good ten minutes on breast play. Give this guy a Masters degree in breastwork.

Anna’s mouth is filled with cock. They work their way down to her boobs for a tit-fucking. She spits on his boner and squeezes her tits together. Anna alternates between tit-fucking him and swallowing his dick and she’s great at both.

Lying back on the bed, Anna parts her legs so Robby can finger-bang her pussy and rub her clit. She makes rhythmic pleasure sounds and watches him eat and suck her pussy. She’s ready to get fucked and creamed on. This is quality study time. No internet, no television, no books to distract these horny students.

Date: October 14, 2019