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Christy Marks: Busted


If cops looked like Christy Marks, it would not be a good thing for society. Arrests would skyrocket because more guys would want to get busted and commit more crimes. The entire criminal justice system would collapse.

In fact, Christy’s always had an interest in police work. She has an interest in forensic psychology–what motivates criminals to do what they do.

Turning Christy loose in a police station leads to her wearing the hottest policewoman’s uniform in history. Leaving a lipstick mark on the wanted posters. Rubbing her big tits on them also. Playing with handcuffs in a way that’s against regulations. Masturbating on-duty on her desk in her office.

No wonder the police chief wants her off the streets. There’s no telling what Christy would do with a badge pinned to her tight uniform. She’s like a female Dirty Harry.

Date: October 16, 2019