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Daphne Rosen Fucks Her Employee


Red’s messed up big-time at the office. Stupid fuck. He’s been looking at SCORELAND on his office computer instead of working. He’s been whacking off to SCORE magazine on the job. The janitors have complained they have to mop his cubicle. His output is sloppy and unprofessional. Now he’s going to face some unpleasant consequences. He’s going to get reamed by the boss, Daphne Rosen.

The Wrath of Khan is nothing compared to Miss Rosen’s volcanic eruption. We can say we warned him. He’s going to get put in his place but good. That place is his cock between her mega-boobs under her brassiere. This is a quality boss. Every guy should be this fortunate. She cares about her employees. When she screams at them, it means she loves them. When she fucks them, well, it means she needs some dick to get her through the day.

Date: October 16, 2019