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Annabelle Rogers: Breast Management


“I’m pretty happy with my boobs,” said Annabelle Rogers. “They’re big and manageable. I think the only downside is finding bras that fit, but I’ve been trying to find tops where I don’t have to wear bras, like tight tank tops instead of bras.

“I was on the dance team. I danced throughout my younger years, and I was on the kick line, too. My boobs didn’t get in the way. I put two sports bras on so they were pretty strapped in. Again, I managed it. Never got a black eye or anything. I’ve always been able to manage my boobs.

“And I did gymnastics for a year, but it wasn’t my thing. I have the flexibility down. Moreso when I was younger, but I’m still pretty flexible. I can put my legs pretty far back. Not behind my head but pretty far back.”

Annabelle met Korina Kova at the May 2019 XBiz adult industry expo and their appearance was one of the major highlights of the show.

Date: October 17, 2019