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Boob Quest Day 7: Cynthia Flowers


There were no surprises on what finally turned out to be the last day of the trip. Cynthia Flowers, who was super-horny the night our staffers met her at the bar in Prague, finally got what she needed: a big, hard stunt cock. She hopped on, no direction needed. Not that our photographer could have given her any. Cynthia speaks Hungarian. Our photographer speaks English.

“I didn’t have to direct her,” Jose said. “She knew exactly what to do and when to do it. It was like she knows exactly how to turn men on and has been doing it for years.”

That night, Jose and our studio stylist went out on the town in Prague one more time, went back to the bar where they’d met Cynthia. Then they returned to the apartment, packed their bags and got ready to leave the next morning. The life of the SCORE photo team.

Date: October 25, 2019