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Cheryl Blossom: Her Sexy Eyes Hypnotize


Cheryl Blossom is a good-girl-next-door, a college student who took the plunge into nude modeling. Here’s a different side of Cheryl Blossom, dressed in a red halter top that zips up the front and tight mini-skirt, black stockings, black thong panties and bad girl heels, and made-up like a femme fatale with dark eye makeup, the kind of enticing man-eater who gets a guy into trouble and has him eating out of her hand.

Cheryl enters the room with an eye-banging, spell-casting, almost challenging gaze that says “Come here” and slowly undresses, climbs onto a tabletop and shows every gorgeous inch of her world-class body in sultry poses. She shakes and swings her big boobs, the video set to slow-motion.

“I think mostly guys look at my eyes but if they are looking at my chest, I don’t say anything,” Cheryl said. “Sometimes I am not looking at their eyes, either. Sometimes I walk down the street and men turn around or shout out words of surprise or approval.”

Date: October 26, 2019