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Great Moments In SCORELAND History: Lissa Hope


Dave has a candid interview with Lissa Hope in a separate video in which this gorgeous, naturally endowed 19-year-old girl-next-door explains how she came to The SCORE Group, talks about her life growing up and what some of her future plans are.

Lissa’s friend referred her. We can think of no act of friendship better than that. The word our studio model recruiter used to describe Lissa was “amazing.” The perfect word.

“I love to hike, visit museums, travel, learn new things, and volunteer at animal shelters,” Lissa said. “I want to see every continent and I want to skydive.”

Lissa developed early and always had the biggest boobs of all of her classmates. “I was known for my breasts. I get stared at often. I am usually flattered by it because I think my body is beautiful and unique.”

Lissa said she masturbates at least once a day. “I have a very high sex drive so I either use my fingers or a small dildo to stimulate my G-Spot.”

The buttons on Lissa’s tight cardigan were close to popping off. It’s a great moment in SCORELAND history when Lissa makes the big reveal and shows her boobs and bounces and swings them. The slow motion kicks in for a few minutes. Lissa gets everything off and fingers her bushy pussy. Yes, Lissa Hope has it all.

Date: October 29, 2019