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Amber Alena & The Two X-Men


Wow! Amber Alena is every inch a major hottie, the kind of pretty, big-breasted girl who makes guys boob drunk. She also has a very sweet, almost shy personality and a soft, gentle voice.

This is not just Amber’s first time with two studs on-camera. It’s an epic hardSCORE scene. Amber loves sex and it clearly shows in her facial expressions, her eye contact, body language and how she moves and grinds.

Before the action begins, Amber chats with the director about what’s going to happen. She’s wearing the perfect “too” dress: too tight, too short and too low-cut. Our director asks Amber what’s about to happen. Amber replies that it’s going to be exciting, fun and intense. She giggles and smiles, wide-eyed with excitement. You can almost see her body tingling with anticipation.

The guys join in and flank Amber. One of the topics they talk about is her boob size. They try to guess Amber’s cup size. Amber rubs Sam’s junk while Codey rubs her breasts.

The actual scene then begins with Amber walking to the door to let Sam in. Codey is on the sofa. After some small talk, Amber is all for sharing her slim and super-stacked body with them. Share and share alike.

Amber gives each man a sloppy blow job and they take turns dicking her down, fucking her big tits and tight pussy, enjoying a busty, lusty afternoon and dropping loads all over her.

Date: November 1, 2019