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Boobs Ahoy With Captain Sigal Acon


Boobs Ahoy! We’re boating with our new Captain Sigal Acon and she’s having a blast on this pleasure cruise. Her name is pronounced Siggle. Think jiggle and you’ve got it. While our crew kept an eye out for other boaters, one-man subs and scuba divers, our photographer and Captain Sigal kept the action going on-deck so they could bring back photos and videos of this beautiful, busty sailor from St. Petersburg. That’s St. Petersburg in Russia, not Florida.

“There is a big difference between Russian girls and Ukrainian girls,” Sigal explained. “Mentally we are quite close, but our looks are a little bit different. They are very curvy and beautiful. They have little bit darker colors. If she’s Ukraine, she’s definitely curvy, and in Russia, we also have curvy women but not usually like me.”

Sigal had a blast. “I expected to see something fancy, beautiful and Miami is an exciting place. I expected to see something fancy, and I do see it. I’ve always wanted to come here. I know about the culture, and I know people are very cool here. Everywhere around the world, wherever you travel, people talk about the American dream, about the American way of life, and I just wanted to see it with my own eyes. And here I am!

“I’ve been surprised by the beautiful weather and how people are. They’re so relaxed and having fun. Partying. It’s so far what I expected to see, but when you see it with your own eyes…you see, you know that the cake is tasty, but once you’ve tried it, you understand how it is exactly. So that’s how I feel about being here: I tasted the cake!”

Date: November 3, 2019