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Talia’s Total Oil Immersion


Talia Amanda goes for a total oil immersion, dripping, slick and shiny as she tweaks her pointy nipples and plays with her big, natural boobs.

“Both men and women give me compliments about how I look,” Talia said. “I like the attention. I don’t dress to hide my body.”

Talia is an active girl. She doesn’t spend hours on her phone and her computer.

“I like to take bicycle rides, play table tennis and badminton. I love to dance and my favorite music to dance to is Romanian, Albanian, Arabic and Turkish. I have a few hobbies and one is gardening.”

Talia likes to buy functional bras. “I buy what I find in stores. I prefer not to wear a bra if I can. I feel more comfortable without a bra.”

Date: November 8, 2019