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Nyx Monroe: Slam Dance


As Nyx Monroe dances for JMac, we hear her thoughts, her horny stream of consciousness. What she likes to do for guys. What makes her hot. The more Nyx dances, twerks and rubs on him, the hotter she gets. This dance will end in a big bang.

JMac walks Nyx to the bed and tosses her on it. He plays with Nyx’s big tits, squeezing them, palming them. She opens his fly and out pops what Nyx expected.

“I like it. I like it a lot,” Nyx murmurs. She sucks and licks his cock like a candy bar. He holds her head and pulls her in closer, her mouth filling with drool. She worships his dick with her tongue and lips.

Then Nix gets on her back to have her tits fucked. She knows what boob-men like to do to big-boobed girls.

Nyx climbs on JMac’s cock and shakes her ass, pounding the pole, one of many positions they’ll try. Nyx cries, she makes squeaky sounds, she moans, she screams. He rams her shaved pussy so hard, her eyes roll back.

Nyx said she likes to get dicked really hard and she got what she likes. JMac gives her a hard fuck to remember and she can always play this video back when she wants to relive it.

Date: November 10, 2019