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Aly Guzman: Fully Loaded Bikini Busting


Aly Guzman has sensational physical endowments that she’s making the most of by visiting SCORELAND. In this video, Aly makes it a bikini day. Every inch is explored and oiled at poolside. Her huge tits go flying, and in slow motion at different times. Aly spanks her shaved pussy fast and loud, and cums hard.

“All of my friends have very small breasts. I have the biggest boobs of anyone I know,” Aly said. “I am very proud of my body and I enjoyed posing for the people from The SCORE Group.”

Aly works out twice a week, not counting masturbation, loves soccer and, of course, being from Cali, Colombia, her favorite team is America de Cali.

“I love to go dancing with very happy people. I also like to talk a lot.”

Since Aly speaks Spanish, we’ve added English captions to her videos, although the sound of a girl cumming needs no translation.

Date: November 15, 2019