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Huge Boobs In Motion With Sofia Damon


Sofia Damon asks if you approve of the clothing she’s chosen for this scene. It’s a sheer, red long-sleeve leotard that’s transparent enough to see her dark areolae and nipples. Sofia licks her lips and cups her big tits in her hands, lifting them up. She circles one nipple with her finger, then the other nipple and smiles into the lens, blowing a kiss.

Sofia is like the sun, brightening up the day. Always a smiling, happy girl who enjoys the pleasures that come her way. She turns to show her juicy butt cheeks and how the leotard rides up between those lovely cans. She lifts the back of her leotard higher so you can see the contrast between her pale skin and tanned ass and legs.

Lifting one leg and placing it on the balcony’s ledge, Sofia leans against the wall for balance, moves the bottom of her leotard to one side so she can show you her pussy and rub it before covering up again.

Sofia’s breasts in motion begins. She leans forward to dangle her massive natural boobs and swing them hands-free. Standing tall, Sofia rubs them fast. The slow motion effect begins as Sofia swings her tits and claps them together. She unsnaps her leotard to show you her pussy and finger it, saying how delicious (“Que rica”) that feels. Pulling the leotard up over her tits, Sofia licks her very large nipples. From across the room, you see her press her tetas against the glass panes of the door.

Sofia opens the door and sucks on her finger, sticking it into her pussy. She enters the room and gets into bed, taking off her high heels. Sucking on her nipples again–she loves the taste–Sofia lies back and rubs her pussy some more. She takes a clear toy and wets it with her tongue, then fucks her pussy with it. She then kneels on the bed, and with the toy inside her, bounces on the bed, making her tits bounce as well. The expression on her face shows that she’s going to cum and she does a second later. Sofia pulls out the wet toy and fingers herself one last time before blowing a kiss goodbye. Que rica.

Date: November 17, 2019