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Nila Mason: The Gift To Plumper Lovers


One of your favorite bra-busters at XL Girls takes a soapy shower and wants you to watch as every drop of water drips down her huge breasts.

“Nila Mason is a gem,” wrote super-fan J.G. “Nila is the hottest woman on the planet. I love her belly and those gorgeous rolls. She’s a 100% unabashed plumper, as she should be. Everything about her is beautiful.”

“When we first discovered the H-cup phenomenon, we knew we had to shoot as many pictures of her as possible, and in as many poses as we could convince her to get into,” wrote the editor of XL Girls magazine. “We knew we made a good decision. Nila can lose a man’s face in her cleavage, and make any fan of busty plumpers bust their nut in a second.”

Date: November 18, 2019