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Katrin Porto: Hot To Cum Anytime Anyplace


“The best foreplay to me is to feel an aroused dick between my buttocks, kisses on my neck, grabbing my ass and having my pussy licked,” said Katrin Porto, the redhaired sexbomb who lives for pleasure. She worships cock but no cock is more worshipped than that of her husband.

Katrin loves public sex. It’s risky but she savors the excitement.

“I have had it a lot of times, and moreover this is a normal thing in my marriage. Sex on the beach, balconies, in front of windows, at bus stops, on the streets at night, and so on. My husband is crazy. I know I am, too.”

Masturbation is a regular practice for Katrin. It makes her want sex even more.

“I love to masturbate during sex and when I am alone. For example, it may take place while my husband takes a shower or when we have a quarrel. I often watch porn on my phone while I play with myself. Porn videos turn me on every time I see one. Sometimes we will watch together and masturbate and then have passionate sex. It inflames our appetite for more sex.”

Date: November 24, 2019