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Danica Danali: Oil, Sun, Butt-plugs & Vibrators


Danica Danali has everything she needs for a nice, sunny afternoon in Florida. A bikini, suntan oil, a pool, a vibrator and a butt-plug. No guy to sit on and grind but she did that in an earlier scene.

Danica talked about what makes her laugh very hard. So hard her tits shake.

“When people fall. I don’t know what it is about people falling or getting startled. I laugh so hard I can’t breathe. When people get startled is hilarious to me. I can’t contain myself when I see people fall down. Those goats that go stiff and fall over when they’re startled literally bring me to tears, I laugh so hard. Also if my husband had a sleep acting episode. He gets up and acts out his dreams sometimes. I laugh so hard trying to explain it to him in the morning. I also appreciate silly puns and dad jokes.”

Danica’s husband is the ultra-liberal type so her laughing at his sleep walking and Danica shooting porn with strangers is not a problem.

“He says he feels special when I cook his favorite meals and rub his shoulders. And when I pick him up after he has too much to drink with his friends. He does the same for me. I love that he doesn’t complain when I want to go out with friends without him.”

Date: December 1, 2019