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Cheryl Blossom’s Bounce Room


Why Cheryl Blossom’s vigorous boob bouncing and swinging didn’t break the bed is a mystery. The people on the floor below must have been out because no one could ignore the loud boom-boom-boom of the bed frame knocking against the floor while Cheryl used it like a trampoline.

Cheryl could skip her fitness class that day because she got a high-energy, total workout for nearly 40 minutes that left her breathless when she was done. Coating her big breasts in baby oil, Cheryl tirelessly swings and jiggles her shiny twins like a go-go dancer, some of the momentum captured in slow motion.

Cheryl’s an indoors kinda girl. Keeping her creamy skin creamy is the plan.

“I try to avoid the sun, so I think if you saw me outside in the summer, I would have something with long sleeves, but it’s more likely you wouldn’t see me when the sun is out.”

Date: December 2, 2019