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Lucy Laistner: Making Gardens Sexy


Lucy Laistner’s bringing sexy back to the garden, and since there’s a water hose nearby….

Young and stacked Lucy is one of the great girls with world-class natural breasts from Russia and Ukraine who have entered the big-boob scene in recent years. Everyone had seen Lucy on social media but we waited until she turned 18 before asking her to become a SCORELAND model.

Lucy’s a big admirer of Demmy Blaze, Maria Body, Cheryl Blossom, Codi Vore, Hitomi, Annabelle Rogers and Korina Kova. They inspire her.

Lucy has a girl-next-door personality, much like Demmy and Cheryl. Very sweet and soft-spoken. “I had the biggest bust in school and now I have the biggest breasts in college,” Lucy said. “I like to wear tight T-shirts and I like to emphasize my breasts.”

Date: December 2, 2019