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Affordable Boob Care


According to Dr. Rios’ expert diagnosis based on years of hands-on experience, Kamille Amora’s tits are huge. Once again, his powers of observation are spot-on. His years of training were not wasted. Kamille is back at his office because she believes her tits are still growing. Never fear, Kamille. Dr. Rios is here.

Coming around his desk, he comes behind Kamille to use the time-tested, old-school methods of breast examination. Namely, his hands. He pulls her top down and palpates the tops of her bra-encased boobs. “They feel tender,” Kamille says.

“How are the nipples?” he asks, having Kamille stand up and coming behind her. You couldn’t slide a sheet of paper between them. “Take off your bra,” Dr. Rios instructs. “Nice and slow.”

“Nice and slow” is the proper technique many doctors recommend to prevent muscle strain. More hands-on tests are clearly needed such as pinching and pulling her nipples. “My nipples stay hard,” moans Kamille. I don’t know what’s wrong with them.”

Another old-school test that many modern doctors no longer use is sucking on a patient’s nipples. While his colleagues rely on high tech apps, lacking the personal touch, Dr. Rios believes the old ways are the best, the reason his office is filled with extremely buxom patients. When it comes time to take Kamille’s temperature, he relies on his trusty meat-thermometer. Kamille is grateful as always for his diligent, caring desk side manner. She knows her doctor will get to the bottom of this situation. This is indeed “Affordable Boob Care.”

Date: December 15, 2019