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Charlee Chase Lends A Hand


Charlee Chase reads the heartwarming fan letter that inspired her. She has a good, slutty phone-sex voice for on-camera reading.

“Dear Charlee, you’re one of my favorite SCORE models. What does it take to get a girl like you into bed with a guy like me? I picture you looking up at me as you grip my cock with your tits. I know I’m a dreamer but I’m just waiting for the day when I can finally put my rod between your huge, massive jugs. Sincerely, B. Collins.”

A stunt-cock is brought in to help Charlee in her reenactment of what she would do to Mr. Collins’ dick. A non-stop torrent of sexy, dirty talk pours out of Charlee’s kittenish mouth as she jerks, tit-fucks and sucks, all in you-are-there P.O.V. vision until her hot face is sprayed with gooey ball-batter.

Trust us. You are in good hands with Charlee Chase. And in good cleavage and good mouth, too. Load up on the omega-3 and zinc before you spend time with this gal.

Date: December 18, 2019