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Milky Jugfucker


One of the three undisputed tit-queens of the Caribbean, Kristina Milan is swollen with breast milk and leaking the white juice like crazy. Off-camera, Largo has a few questions for Kristina about her engorged fun-bags before his friend John The Milkman enters the bedroom to partake of Kristina’s creamy goodness straight from her tit-tap. Kristina speaks Spanish only, so Senor Largo translates in English.

Overflowing her bra under a robe, Kristina explains that she seems to lactate at the same rate, whether it’s morning, noon or night. Her milk production isn’t based on the clock. John The Milkman is practically speechless at the sight of Kristina’s nipples leaking moo-juice. The bedroom becomes a dairy wonderland as he and Kristina squeeze her tits so the spray can shoot into his mouth and face. It’s not homogenized or pasteurized but who cares.

Kristina has a pair of the most milk-engorged tits ever seen. She tells Senor Largo that it’s her turn; she wants to see John The Milkman’s cock. He repays the favor and Kristina takes American sausage in her hand. It will fit well into her mouth, and before long, Kristina will be on her back, her tits plowed in phase one of their milky jug-fucking. In due time, John will be shooting his own brand of cream all over Kristina. It’s tit for tat in this torrid tropic of titillation.

Date: January 20, 2020