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Good Neighbor Charlotte


Jimmy’s just settled into his new place when his new neighbor Charlotte Angel knocks on his door. Yes, Jimmy has moved to a neighborhood inhabited only by XL Girls. Charlotte comes bearing gifts. The first is an apple pie. The second gift is Charlotte. Jimmy has no utensils unpacked. No problem. Charlotte feeds him by hand. She really is an angel. What a great new neighbor to have. Then he feeds her by hand.

Charlotte spills some pie crumbs on her massive mounds of breast flesh. Jimmy brushes them off and feels up Charlotte’s soft, heavy tits, taking them out of her top. He’d rather put those in his mouth than pie and goes for it, sucking her nipples. At XL Girls, when a girl lets a guy suck and rub her boobs, it’s an invitation for the guy to whip his cock out and give some to the girl. After all, she did share her pie, which is what Jimmy wants next.

Charlotte gets totally naked to her bare feet and gets on her hands and knees to suck on Jimmy’s dick like a champ and show him what a right neighborly welcome is really like. Charlotte didn’t bring whipped cream with her pie. No problem. Jimmy has lots of cream for Charlotte’s pie right after they make boom-boom-bang on the couch. Welcome to Charlotte’s block where you’ll never go hungry for good, hot pie.

Date: February 1, 2020