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Avalon the Faery Princess & Her Royal Scepter


Luminous and joyful Avalon (“FaeryPrincess” on the web) has a major collection of toys. She does a show and tell with them as a prelude to using one of her big cock replicas, plunging it into her shaved pussy. The big-boobed ginger’s enthusiasm and happy vibes makes everyone feel good. Her bedroom is kind of a fairy tale tower hideaway where she lets her hair down and a lot more.

“It was hard to know I was so busty compared to my schoolmates as our school uniforms were shapeless potato sacks,” Avalon said. “Most of my peers didn’t realize I was so busty unless we hung out together after school. At school, I was on the dressage (horse training) team but I always preferred solo sports…dance, swimming, yoga and gymnastics.”

One of this sexy mermaid’s goals is to swim with wild whale sharks and dive under the ice in the Antarctic. Quick, before it melts, Avalon.

Date: February 3, 2020