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The Billi Bardot Show


“I do love men who maintain a traditional male role,” said Billi Bardot. She’s collected a large following since she began modeling and doing porn. “I like to have doors opened for me. I like to have chairs pulled out for me. I love flowers. I guess I’m very traditional small-towny in that sense.

“If I didn’t masturbate, my sex life would’ve been non-existent prior to porn. I usually just lay in my bed naked and stroke my clitoris until I climax at least once a day. I like to be spanked and have my ass cheeks bitten, but as far as anal play goes, I don’t care for it at all.

“I guess my biggest fetish would be a man who does exactly what he says he will and who is exactly who he says he is. Find me that man and he’ll be my favorite fetish. I’m used to always getting my way.

“I’m not really into women although I do appreciate their beauty. My best friend all through high school and I would routinely fool around with one another when we had been drinking. That went on for about a decade on and off.”

Date: February 8, 2020