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Diana Eisley: The Sexy, Hot Coed


Young and very buxom Diana Eisley returns home from a long day of boring college courses. She needs stress relief from the pressures of being a student. It’s time for Diana to give herself a hand party.

“I am a 32I or J,” Diana said about her magnificent mams. “I’m in-between the two, depending on the brand. I can find my cup size. The problem is, every band is too big, so I have to, no matter what, get custom orders, which sucks because that’s expensive. And I have to replace bras every half a year or a year depending on the brand.

“I usually own three, sometimes four bras. If I have one that’s a little smaller than my actual bra size, it’s very obvious that it’s not my size. I can’t walk into Victoria’s Secret. I think the highest they have is D. I never went to D. I skipped right over all of them and went to double-D. I went from nothing to a lot. I started with B-cups and went straight to double-D and I was like, ‘What happened here?’ My mom was very confused.”

Date: February 9, 2020