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Jenni Noble: Big Boobs Like A Boss


At SCORELAND, we’ve long advocated that being a friendly, courteous gentleman brings you good luck and very good things. Case in point. When Jim gets his next-door neighbor’s mail by mistake, he knocks on the door to return it instead of going through the envelopes looking for birthday money. That naughty neighbor turns out to be Jenni Noble, a sexy SCORELAND Girl-next-door with enormous natural breasts. We wish we had a neighbor like Jenni Noble.

When Jenni opens the door, Jim’s eyes bug out like a cartoon wolf. Her top is very low-cut and shows off her big cleavage like a boss. Naturally, Jenni notices Jim’s stupefied look and likes it. Likes it a lot. She invites Jim in. He can’t keep his eyes off her tits so she good naturedly tells him, “My eyes are up here,” a saying that Jenni should get printed on her tank tops and T-shirts.

Jenni invites him to get it on with her, which is much more generous than making him a cup of coffee. He licks and sucks her nipples and palms her crazy-big boobs. They take a quick break so they can strip off and fall into bed. Jenni gives him the blow job of his dreams then lies back on the bed and opens her legs wide so her friendly neighbor can slide the beef into her furry pussy.

We wish we had a neighbor like Jenni Noble. Oh, did we say that already?

Date: February 18, 2020