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Tessa Orlov: Losing Her Anal Cherry


Our photographer asks young and nubile Tessa Orlov if she is ready for her big day. She says she is. She’s gotten all pretty in her tight pink dress for the occasion.

The “big day” is Tessa’s first time at on-camera anal sex. She’s breaking her ass-cherry, with Radek having the honors. He’ll take her anal cherry. Tessa turns around, slips her panties down and spreads her fleshy butt cheeks to show the plug inside her ass preparing her for Radek’s meat-pole pumping.

First, some dick to salivate over. Radek walks over to smiling Tessa sitting at the makeup table. She unzips his fly and takes his cock out to gently stroke it. Tessa likes to play soft and slow with cock. In no rush, she spits on it and sucks it slowly with loving licks. Lowering her dress to reveal her heavy tits, she cups her boobs so he can fuck them, holding her hair so it doesn’t fall over her face.

Tessa looks at his cock sliding back and forth with admiring eyes and lowers her head to suck some more, hands-free, the saliva dripping out of her mouth. She squeezes her breasts together so he can fuck them a little more.

Like most European studs, Radek eats at the Y. Tessa makes moans of pleasure as his tongue gets to work on her pink pussy. They get on the couch so she can give him another erotic, slow, cock-worshipping blow job. He holds her head while she speeds up, her lips clamping on his shaft.

Placing Tessa on her back, Radek removes her panties and spreads her legs open so he can fuck her, the butt plug still in her ass. Her splayed tits tremble as he pumps her pussy. Tessa is compliant and docile, more of a real girl than a porn star. Once she’s totally naked, Radek places her on the couch with her back to him and fucks her pussy hard in a doggie position.

Radek pulls out the butt plug and replaces it with his dick. He pumps Tessa’s butthole from behind, then places her on her back and sticks his dick back in her ass while she rubs her clit. As he fucks her ass fast and hard, Tessa’s breathing gets faster and faster. She cums and Radek pulls out and nuts her ass and pussy. Tessa relaxes, rubbing her nipples. Her anal cherry is now busted.

Date: March 23, 2020