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Milky Bebe


Finally back at SCORELAND after an absence of over four long years, Bebe Cooper hasn’t changed at all and, just like last time, Bebe is lactating. There is a slight change. Her milky white, blue-veined boobs with their spectacular pointy nipples and large areolae are an inch bigger now at 41-inches.

Beautiful Bebe looks like the femme fatale or heroine of a classic film noir of the 1940s. That’s only one of her many charms. When Bebe unhooks her bra and releases her big, creamy tits from the prison of her brassiere at 2 minutes 46 seconds into her video, your life will be improved.

After taking her boobs out, Bebe goes right into squeezing her breasts and squirting streams of milk out of her magnificent nipples. The cameraman goes right into close-up for the milking of her royal tits. “Tastes so sweet,” Bebe says in her sexy voice, licking her fingers and smacking her lips. And that’s just the start. If you are a lactation fan, you are going to go out of your mind when Bebe fills a wine glass with her mammary sauce. Bebe doesn’t neglect her beautiful, smooth pussy either. Welcome back, Bebe!

Date: March 25, 2020