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Star Fucks


Sandra Star has a big-tit fanatic on her hands and boobs in Ricky. Sandra’s wearing a star-spangled top that’s easy to pull down to allow quick access to her jutting jugs and he takes advantage of that. Kissing, licking, sucking and motorboating Sandra’s tits, Ricky moves his hands down, pulls aside Sandra’s panties and works his fingers into her pink hole, massaging her clit and lips.

Sandra wants to taste hard cock. She gives Ricky a deep-throat blow job fit for a king, making that loud, popping sound when his cock leaves her mouth on the upstroke. Putting Sandra on her back, he fucks her boobs. She uses her arms and her hands to squeeze her breasts tightly together, his dick wedged between them. European studs like to eat out their sex partners. Ricky goes down on Sandra and tongues her, driving her crazy and half-hanging off the couch.

It’s time to get it on. Sandra gets fucked sideways, from behind, sitting on him in a reverse cowgirl, bouncing hard on his bone and one more time in missionary, her boobs jiggling and quaking with each powerful thrust. Looking up at him, she wraps her hand around his shaft and strokes it fast and hard. He nuts her mouth and instead of swallowing the load, Sandra lets it drip onto her breasts. Then she rubs some of the cum into her breast-flesh and kisses his dick as if to express her gratitude.

Date: March 27, 2020