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Stella Daniels: Good To The Last Drop


Stella Daniels and Milan are sitting on the edge of the bed, soon to be their altar of hot lust where Stella will generously give him her huge tits and thick body to enjoy. Milan asks pretty girl Stella where she’s from and how old she is. He even asks if she has a boyfriend at home. Her breasts are bigger than his hands and each boob is larger than his head. He fondles them and does the boob drop. A polite dude, he asks if he can lick and suck her nipples. He palms them feeling the weight, lightly pinches them and rests his head on them.

Now that Stella has given Milan a breastman’s holiday, she is anxious to see what he has for her. She approves of his junk and her eyes light up when she pulls down his briefs. Still dressed with her big boobs out of her top, Stella licks his dick like a lollipop and cups her tits, sucking his balls hands-free. Taking his balls in her mouth, she gently pulls on them. Stella could teach a course in ball-sucking. She’s very orally-oriented.

Milan holds her head and fucks her throat fast, feeding her every inch and pulling out every few seconds so she can catch her breath. Tapping her outstretched tongue with his cock, he holds Stella by her hair and pumps her mouth.

Ready to fuck, Stella climbs on board for a cowgirl ride, the first of several positions Milan will pound her in. Stella sucks the head of the cock, using her hand to stroke the shaft. He jacks off in her face and wipes his cock on her cheeks. He has to feel those tits again before he gets off the bed.

Stella stands up and rubs his skeet into her massive hooters and holds them up to lick them. Fascinated by Stella’s jugs, Milan reappears to kiss her nipples again before heading to the bathroom. Looking at the camera, Stella licks her fingers clean to swallow what’s left of his nut-sauce. Looks like they got along very well.

Date: March 30, 2020