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Maggie’s Double Boning


This is what adult education courses should really be about. Today’s sexology instructor is the curvy Maggie Green. The class is small, just two students–Peter and Rion–who are eager to learn what Miss Green has to teach. Since she’s wearing an incredibly tight, scooped top, they’re also staring at her chest. She begins by reviewing the words commonly used for breasts, asking her students for suggestions. They come up with “boobies,” “titties” and “knockers.” One of the miscreants thinks it’s funny while another tells Miss Green that his favorite word is “pussy.”

Miss Green senses a challenging student in Rion and asks him for pussy synonyms. “Cookie,” “cunt” and “beaver” is what’s offered. Miss Green thinks those are fine but she believes her class needs a more personal approach and tells him to come to the head of the class and “give her pussy a feel.” Now this is adult education.

After Rion touches Miss Green’s pussy, she has Peter come up and tells both guys to touch her breasts, asking them if they’ve ever felt such big tits before. Miss Green decides that these two need a thorough tutoring session or they’ll never get a passing grade. Since she hates to flunk anyone, Maggie gives them the kind of personalized instruction they’ve only fantasized about while beating off. What a great community college this is.

Date: April 2, 2020