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Kailani Kai: The Stacked Realtor Seals The Deal


TSG has known for many years that big-chested sexbombs make the best realtors. (They actually make the best everything.) Enter the mighty impressive and awesomely built Kailani Kai. What a body this woman has. Kailani dresses in tight clothing to impress and to show off her sales techniques and skills. Here we see her seal the deal with Alex Legend, prospective buyer. He’s arrived to see the house Kailani is showcasing.

The stacked divorcee gives him the guided tour of the place and then the guided tour of her astounding anatomy. In fact, Kailani works as a realtor and was a flight attendant. Imagine how friendly those friendly skies were.

Little negotiation is needed. Alex will do anything to suck on Kailani’s very pointy nipples and grope her huge breasts. She unzips him and pulls his pants down. The smiling look of satisfaction when she sees his boner pop out like a jack-in-the-box means he’s going to get a noisy, slurping, lip-smacking deep throating from a very talented lady.

After a vigorous tit-fucking, Kailani is laid out and spread. Alex shoehorns his cock into her bushy pussy and gives her the kind of hard pounding she rightfully deserves while she shakes her big, heavy tits with two hands. Kailani for the win.

Date: April 6, 2020