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Foxy Boxer


Foxy boxer Daphne Carter is no XL Girl to be played with. When she enters the ring, she’s prepared to knock the shit out of any poor sap with her knockout knockers.

As soon as the bell rings, Daphne is pummeling the much-hyped Commando with her swinging bazoomas. The tit-slammed stumblebum didn’t have a chance the second the bell went off and takes a breast beating that’s sure to worsen his brain damage. And then Daphne throws off the gloves, judo-flips him onto the canvas and fucks the remaining fight out of him. Now that’s a foul!

Daphne is using her big tits and tight pussy to throw this snatch match. She knows Commando is defenseless against dirty tricks like that. This fight is over by a TKO…a Titty Knock Out. No wonder they say that boxing is the sport of boobs.

Date: April 7, 2020