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Estelle Taylor is silent as she slowly peels out of her cardigan and short skirt. She looks at you the entire time. The camera moves in for a close-up of her cleavage in her fancy bra. She plays with the bra straps, moving her elbows in to compress her boobs together. Then she pulls the cups down to expose her lovely, young tits, taking each one in her palms and running her hands over them. We go to a close-up to examine them better.

Estelle stands and lowers her skirt and panties in one move, dropping them to the floor and kicking them away. Now only wearing her thigh-high stockings, she slowly gyrates her naked body. The camera moves in very close. She lies on her back on the couch and slowly parts her legs open so we can see her beautiful pussy.

Date: April 15, 2020