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The Private Dressing Room Show


Sofia Rose had us at “See those boobies shake?” Fantastic! Some of us could just watch those 38JJ mounds bobble in her corset all day.

The bodaciously blessed Sofia Rose takes you into the dressing room. Watch her put on a big boob show and model hot clothes. These are the kinds of outfits that would require an armed guard for her if she ever went out in public. She could probably wear them at a private beach or at some swanky private resort. Sofia has a terrific on-camera personality. A sexy talker, she knows how to hit all the right buttons in a tit-man’s soul.

“I’m told that even when I think I’m not drawing attention to my chest, you can still see that my breasts are huge. When the occasion is right, I definitely dress to emphasize my chest and I enjoy the attention I get. I get a lot of looks either way and I embrace the good with the bad.

“If I’m home, I don’t usually wear a bra. I hate bras but I can’t go unsupported all day, so even when I’m home I wear some kind of supportive top with a built-in bra. It doesn’t do much but it makes me feel secure. Otherwise, I’m a big fan of my bras and custom-made corsets.”

Date: April 16, 2020