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Tessa Orlov’s Toy Joy


It’s always the season for giving. XL Girls sent a gift package to thickalicious doll Tessa Orlov and a letter from The SCORE Group that Tessa reads in this video. Inside the box are three fun toys for Tessa’s pussy and anal pleasure. A horny, adventurous girl who is up for anything, Tessa first tries the red butt-hole plug after applying some lube to it. She slips it into her ass-pipe and pumps it in and out while she rubs her thick pussy lips and clit. Eyes closed, Tessa’s heavy breathing, sighs and moans signal her approval.

Now for gift number-two: a black anal plug, much thicker than her first red pleaser. Dabbing some lube on the tip, Tessa sticks it up her booty and leaves it in so she can pull on her nipples and rub her big, juicy tits with both hands. Taking out the plug, Tessa sits up and jiggles her boobs, looking at her titillating twins and admiring them. Her hands caress her smooth, veiny breast-flesh.

Tessa looks in the gift bag to see what other presents XL Girls has sent. She reaches in and takes out an unusual toy that’s large, cone-shaped and has four finger holes in the handle like a knuckle-duster. Tessa licks it, puts a spot of lube on it and fucks her ass a little. She prefers the previous black anal-plug and puts it back in her butt. To go with that plug, Tessa takes a big, black, cock-shaped vibrator out of the bag, spreads her legs open, sucks on the vibe and fucks her pussy while rubbing her clit with her right hand. It’s a double-penetration toy masturbation.

Tesa cums hard with a shiver and a shudder. She takes the toy out of her pussy and kisses it, tasting her girl juices. After pulling out the anal plug, Tessa sucks and tongues it, tasting her ass juices. She thanks The SCORE Group for the gifts and says bye for now.

Our pleasure, Tessa.

Date: June 2, 2020